Everybody is interested about what is the specific monetary value of Facebook’s new price range symbols. If you are not familiar with them, then let me tell you where you can find them. Due to recent update, if you go to the About me Section of your business Facebook page, you will get the option to choose $, $$, $$$ or $$$$ symbol as a price range definitive for your business.

If you decide to edit price range Facebook page then you must know what does that mean. For example, the Facebook price range $$ and and $ means that your business gives customers a less expensive services. In the restaurant business, the one $ symbol usually means that it is a fast food type of place with cheap menu prices, where the $$$$ means that is is a really classy and expensive restaurant.

Facebook price range in Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Russia or UK doesn’t usually differ from each other. For example, Facebook price range in Spain in the case of two $$$ symbols will tell the customer that you will give them a high quality service, but not too expensive one. But, price range $$$ definitely mean that your business doesn’t perform the cheap services. That’s what do the $$ mean on Facebook. It is not a rocket science and you can easily edit Facebook price range.