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What about is “The Coddling of the American Mind”?

This is about wisdom and its opposite Greg Lukianoff The Coddling of the American Mind. It is three psychological principles. About what happens to young people, when parents and educators implement policies that are inconsistent with those principles.

Parents and educators are unwittingly, and paradoxically, harming today’s students by trying so hard to protect them. This is from perceived physical dangers as well as from ideas that might prove uncomfortable. The net is that “helicopter” parenting and increasingly ideologically uniform college campuses aren’t allowing children to develop natural resilience (identical in concept to children being susceptible to diseases if not properly immunized). Kids are not receiving the proper stress-testing to the issues they will undoubtedly encounter in the real world and “the growing tendency to cultivate vulnerabilities in students carries unacknowledged costs”.
There is no subtlety here and this gives rise to a collegiate culture that is hostile to ideas and words that are outside of the mainstream. Although there is a great push for diversity by race, gender, and sexual orientation there is strong opposition to any notion of diversity of thought. Hence conservative speakers are subject to a heckler’s veto across most of America’s campuses. This situation is amplified by faculties that are overwhelmingly liberal.

The safety culture starts at a young age. Parents keep peanuts away from children out of fear of a potential allergy. In fact by doing this it makes peanut allergies far worse. Better to expose children to peanuts when they are young and they will build up a resistance to the allergy. Hence the concept of making kids anti-fragile.

Similarly the authors applaud the concept of “free range kids.” Kids should be free to explore their neighborhoods and play together without parental supervision. This teaches them how to work things out among themselves rather than seek out authority figures. Children looking to outside authority will become adults who do the same thereby impairing our democracy.

So what is to be done? The authors recommend that colleges endorse the Chicago Principles on free speech and urge parents to limit their children’s use of social media. They also call for less homework in the early grades and less structure in the life of teenagers to give time for free play. The authors know that this goes against the grain of every hyper-competitive parent. Lastly they encourage college students to take a gap year to give them time to grow up in the real world.

I haven’t done justice to the book. It should be read by parents, college professor and administrators and citizens concerned about the future of our country. Although the book is too long the message is too important.

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