If you want to know how to enter the price ranges and price requests on Facebook then this article is for you. While setting up the details on your Facebook page, you may see the price range option in the About Us section. It provides you with the dollar signs to help you indicate the prince range of your business services. So, let’s talk more about the Facebook prince range definition. The Facebook price range meaning really differs from business to business.

If you own the business page on Facebook, then you have the option to choose one sign from the four example. This signs are : $, $$, $$$ and $$$$. The $ sign in this occasion represents the cheap and inexpensive option, while if you choose the $$$$ sign then this means that your business is really expensive compared to other same type of businesses. So, if you decide to edit price range Facebook page then you must know this.

This works fine or bad according to the different kind of industries. You may think that for example in the restaurant industries, the one $ sign should mean the fast-food establishment and the four dollar sign like the $$$$ should mean the high-end really expensive restaurant. To say in short, the price range $$$$ mean on Facebook really only depends on the type of your business.

You could use this to help your business grow faster, if you have already decided which business strategy suits you better. If you want to establish your company as a low cost competitor in your business world, then presenting the one $ sign on your Facebook page is the best way to go. But, to be fair, $$$$ facebook price range doesn’t indicate their specific monetary value, which means you can’t really know how much is $$ on Facebook.