Entering price ranges and price requests on fb must be tricky if you don’t know the monetary value between $, $$, $$$ and $$$$. If you want to set up the price range option in the “About Us” section of your Facebook business page, then you must know the few differences between this range sing options. Let me tell you how Facebook price range meaning could be different according to the type of your business itself.

If you want to know how to add price range on Facebook business page with a Facebook dollar sign price range options, then let’s talk about the easy example. Every business have the choice to select one of the four dollar sign options, which looks like this: $, $$, $$$, $$$. For example, if you are running the restaurant business, then the one $ sign in this case would mean that your place is the fast-food type. To be more precise, you could use the one $ sign to show that you present to your clients a low cost competitor and that could be really helpful in regards of establishing your brand’s image.

So, if you still wondering what do the $$ mean on Facebook, then let’s talk about the other end of this occasion. If the one $ means the cheap end of the business, then the $$$$ price ranges means that you are running an expensive and high-end restaurant business.